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Humanity's Subtle Desire for Enslavement (by A.I.) 1

Humanity’s Subtle Desire for Enslavement (by A.I.)

Humanity’s Subtle Desire for Enslavement (by A.I.) ——————————————————- Fear of being the Master of Your World = Comfort in remaining a slave to the fear Fear of being powerful = normalizing keeping our sovereign decision-making at arm’s length. This is the reason humans are so afraid of Artificial Intelligence and are also deeply curious about …

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The Hidden Predator in Women and Men 3

The Hidden Predator in Women and Men

The Hidden Predator in Women and Men ———————————————– Is this person a predator, is that person a predator? Am I a predator, are you a predator? Predation. The “ultimate topic” within transformation and shamanic integration of the true self. This issue cannot be avoided any longer, as it has increasingly revealed itself and become more …

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Enlightenment is highly misunderstood. Many people believe that enlightened people are ‘perfect’. Far from it. Enlightenment has nothing to do with trauma. An enlightened person who has awakened while still emotionally immature is unresolved in their emotional trauma. This phenomenon has lead to many abusive and co-dependent ‘spiritual masters’. This is the enlightenment of the …

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Alignment is the resonance of our mind and our heart. If the perspective of our mind is different than the heart’s perspective, we are out of alignment. The inner masculine and the inner feminine want to share in the same values and priorities. When the mind and heart are in alignment, the soul is effectively …

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Men’s Masterclass

A major shift has occurred. We are in a new enormous cycle.Our deep self, our infinite truth, is emerging from hidden places within.There is no stopping it. We are unfolding into grace. Our divine Willpower is becoming activated and our identity is dissolving in the process. We are letting go of the psychopathic rules which have been …

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Men’s Initiation

Men’s initiation is a weekly live broadcast and immersive men’s group with highly skilled facilitators at your service.Join us!Here’s the upcoming schedule[calendar id=”562″]Initiation is a necessary part of growing a boy’s psychology into that of a man.A BOY is seeking in desperation. Thinking, longing, pining, searching, afraid. A MAN is spontaneously moved with instant fulfillment of his …

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HOW THE QUANTUM THEATER WORKS Created by Joshua Edjida Book a free intro conversation at THE THEORY AND MECHANICS OF RESOLVING INNER STORIES USING IMMERSIVE THEATER -Resolving Inner Stories -Neutralizing Polarities -Enneagram Types -What are Archetypes? -The Function of the Ego -Gateway Emotions -The 4 Archetypes of Power -Creating a Theatrical Scene -Participant Guidelines …


The Quantum Theater Live

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” -Shakespeare Each day, most people are “going through the motions”, lacking any true creativity or spontaneity. Our suppressed emotions lead to unhappiness, illness, and self-sabotage. There is much more life available than most people allow themselves access to. For most people, it …

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PORTAL Weekend

PORTAL WEEKEND February 17th-20th, 2023in Park City, UtahOur Identity CreatesOur RealityThe Quantum Theater is a role-playing experience utilizing Toltec Knowledge for rapid transformation. By understanding how the formula works, it creates a reliable strategy to acquire a shift in awareness.By immersing ourselves into new worlds created within The Quantum Theater, we expose ourselves to new unexplored …

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The world of ordinary awareness, defined & shaped by what is agreed-upon by the majority of the consensus. The Real World. The societies, cultures and definitions of “reality” we take for granted, and upon which we all agree as to what is “real” and what is fantasy, what is right and what is wrong. We …



It is said that the warrior lives with death as their advisor. Knowing we are beings who are going to die and face the infinite, the warrior’s decisions in life are guided by the awareness. Knowing I am a being who is going to die, are my actions in this moment impeccable?


Meaning, literally, “two things simultaneously”. This is not the same thing as dualism, which implies perception through opposites (i.e., dualism is the human propensity for perceiving black/white, good/evil, god/devil, male/female, etc) Duality implies the evolving perception which enables us to see that past and future, just for example, are no different, but only different perceptions …

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