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Transformational Theater: A Gateway to Your True Self.
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Learning the Mechanics through Data vs Experience

We believe information should be free, and so our public content is packed with data. 

Only about 15% of transformational work is based on understanding through information. Understanding the laws of our reality intellectually is only a stepping stone toward true embodiment.

The other 85% requires first hand experience. We could just live our lives at a natural pace which would cause us to gain these experiences over the course of years or decades. 

Or we can compress such experiences into 90 minute sessions of The Quantum Theater, perfectly tailored for the very lessons we need to learn. For those courageous enough to face the truth, we recommend the latter.

Set Your Story Free
The Quantum Theater works in mysterious ways.

The Quantum Theater format is flexible to fit many scenarios. 1 on 1 personal theater experiences, immersive theater for couples, pre-recorded meditations, group experiences, and even as a format for cinema and immersive storytelling.

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