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“In a million years, it won’t make any difference.” Though we go through life thinking things matter, none of them really do. Literally everything we touch in the world of ordinary awareness is folly – and yet warriors play the game as if it matters, and learn the art of stalking as a means of …

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If it can be perceived that the consensus reality (the Dream of the World) possesses a rudimentary “hive mind”, it then becomes possible to see that this hive mind is predatory in nature, in that it invades and usurps the individual unless the individual has mastered extreme awareness. We may be “taken over” by the …

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A word meaning, literally, “self-healed madman”. The spiritual healing & integration undertaken by a shaman (any shaman, including you) is what determines the difference between a madman caught in the consensual reality, and a self-healed madman (shaman) who begins to walk outside the box of ordinary awareness.   “There is a big distinction between being …

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The spelling Sourcery is preferred, as it indicates an alignment with source.


A system of Knowledge geared toward a direct manipulation of energy at the quantum level. Sourcery is not about frivolous parlor tricks, but is instead geared toward bringing the sorcerer into alignment with the source of creation. The sorcerer’s ultimate “trick” is to transcend death (slip past the eagle) not only retaining the awareness from …

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A seeker of knowledge who has made the commitment to a path with heart. The warrior is the traveler on the journey toward becoming a person of Knowledge. They are mentored by the warrior spirit. A warrior who achieves mastery becomes ultimately a Toltec.


Knowledge is another way to describe personal power. Our inner knowing,  as opposed to understanding. See the definition of power. Understanding and knowledge are vastly different things. Society glorifies understanding, and yet has almost no understanding of true knowledge. Knowledge is power. We are imbued with knowledge from all of the past lifetimes we’ve lived. …

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Also spelled sometimes “nagal” or “nahual” (pronounced Nah-wall) There are two definitions: A nagual is the leader of a group of sorcerers. Their job is to provide teachings and accurate reflections for each individual. They represent the embodiment of the Intent of spirit. A nagual is a person is of born with 4 compartments of …

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Intent is Spiritual Force. We can use our power to direct it and it becomes self generated until the point it is fully unbending. Unbending intent is a very specific sensation when self generated force is applied. It is an internal pressing which breaks barriers. It is a direction of energy, not a philosophy. In …

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Power is truly indescribable.  It is impossible for thr mind to fully comprehend. Power not only animates all life, but it also exists aside from its life giving capacities. Power dictates what happens. The more a Warrior becomes available to power, the more they are capable of directing Intent. Power is therefore not accumulated, but …

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The Third Attention

Lorraine Voss says: “The third attention is the largest attention of immeasurable consciousness. It is believed by some to only be achieved at the time of death. It is what Hindus and Buddhists refer to as Samadhi which is having a state of complete control over the functions and distractions of consciousness. It is the …

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Assemblage Point

The assemblage point is uniquely identified by the teachings of the Toltec Path of the Warrior. It is the location of where perception assembles within someone’s energy field. Typically about the size of a tennis ball, most people have their assemblage fixed behind the right shoulder blade in the rational position (of the first attention). …

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Toltec Book Suggestions

Theun MaresTheun Mares, haling from South Africa, passed in 2011. His books are an awesome legacy for us to continue where he left off. Oftentimes his books are not easy to find in print and may be easier on Kindle/digital edition.Carlos CastanedaThis is a series of 11 books. This book series essentially put the Toltec …

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Download the PDF Reference Sheet

“How The Quantum Theater Works”Do you want to download complete instructions?Fill in your info below to access the 37 page PDF for free.[This document is about 60MB. It is best viewed on a computer screen rather than a phone.]It is also recommended that you make use of The Quantum Theater Worksheet to go along with …

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How to Receive a Woman’s Love 31

How to Receive a Woman’s Love

Dear Men.   A woman’s perspective, felt experience, and developmental process is considerably different than a man’s.   For a man, understanding a woman’s communication style and underlying agenda is often highly counterintuitive and thus is seems incredibly mysterious.   It is in fact incredibly simple. Men tend to make things much more complex than …

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