PORTAL Weekend


February 17th-20th, 2023

in Park City, Utah

Our Identity Creates

Our Reality

The Quantum Theater is a role-playing experience utilizing Toltec Knowledge for rapid transformation. By understanding how the formula works, it creates a reliable strategy to acquire a shift in awareness.

By immersing ourselves into new worlds created within The Quantum Theater, we expose ourselves to new unexplored portions of our identity. This reveals possibilities we never knew existed.

We offer complete instructions for free on the website if you want to try it at home, and these live groups are a great demonstration to get the hang of how it works.

Whether you are a participant or the star of the day, everyone benefits from being in the group energy.

This weekend immersion is for individuals or couples looking to go deeper into intimacy with themselves and each other through highly customized and very powerful Toltec Stalking and Dreaming practices.


Individual Sliding Scale: $444-$888

Couples' sliding scale: $777-$1414

We hope to see you there,

Katie Barbaro and Joshua Edjida

Payments can be made at www.tipjoshua.com

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