Men’s Masterclass

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A major shift has occurred. We are in a new enormous cycle.

Our deep self, our infinite truth, is emerging from hidden places within.

There is no stopping it. We are unfolding into grace. 

Our divine Willpower is becoming activated and our identity is dissolving in the process. 

We are letting go of the psychopathic rules which have been unconsciously controlling us. 

Our new paradigm of authentic power presses out of us. 

We are dissolving the matrix of holding patterns. They don't even truly exist. 

They are only projections of consciousness. 

Now that we see them, we have the option of becoming stronger than the psychic hooks. 

We have way more control than it appears.  

And so our conditioning is taught to surrender to our divine will. 

We are learning how to surrender all habitual and immature forms of control for actual empowered TRUSTWORTHINESS. 

Holy control comes through us, but is not OURS to have. 

We are opening to the eternal Dao. This is no secret. 

And yet, the lived experience is the real magic... 

touching upon our infinitely powerful essence as men... 

the solar power of the universe experiencing itself.

by Joshua Edjida

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Our Current Offerings

Men's Masterclass Telluride

Men’s Masterclass 3

This community friendly men's group takes place on Mondays every two weeks in Telluride, Colorado. 

No cost

For location and more info please contact Joshua

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1-on-1 Sessions

Men’s Masterclass 5

Work with Joshua in a wide range of approaches, from executive coaching using the enneagram system, Joshua's own modality The Quantum Theater, Couple's Intimacy work, Toltec Knowledge, and more. Building skills in leadership, personal power, relating, psychic skills (Seeing), and manifestation.

These can be online via Zoom or you can come to Park City.


First session is on a sliding scale: $222-$555

After the first session, a 4 pack is $1,111 - $2,222

(sliding scale is based on your circumstances)

Payments can be made at

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Men's Dreaming Weekend

Next event TBA

Men’s Masterclass 7

A weekend long "live and In-Person" Initiation intensive experience for men.

The Tentative Schedule

Friday (beginning at 6-7pm): Introductions, Orientation, Dinner, Introductory dreaming process

Saturday: Breakfast optional, optional plant supplements, Discussion, group walk (weather permitting), Afternoon shamanic movement training, evening dreaming session, dinner.

Sunday: Breakfast, Partnered Dreaming exercise, Summary Discussion 


$444-$777 (sliding scale based on your circumstances)

Everyone is responsible for their own food, you are welcome to collaborate in cooking together. We'll carpool to the location as efficiently as possible.

One Week (1 on 1 or Group) Intensive

Schedule is customized to the needs of you or your group

Men’s Masterclass 9

A week long "live and In-Person" Initiation intensive experience for men.

Joshua comes to you, or you can come to him (in Utah or Hawaii).

Tuition: $3,333-$33,333 (sliding scale based on your circumstances)

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Men’s Masterclass 11
Men’s Masterclass 13

Men’s Masterclass 15

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Men’s Masterclass 17

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Men’s Masterclass 21
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Kundalini Energy

Men’s Masterclass 27
Men’s Masterclass 29

You can't dissolve your limitations without seeing them.

Men’s Masterclass 31

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