Men’s Masterclass

Men’s Masterclass 1

A major shift has occurred. We are in a new enormous cycle. +

Our deep self, our infinite truth, is emerging from hidden places within.+

There is no stopping it. We are unfolding into grace. +

Our divine Willpower is becoming activated and our identity is dissolving in the process. +

We are letting go of the psychopathic rules which have been unconsciously controlling us. +

Our new paradigm of authentic power presses out of us. +

We are dissolving the matrix of holding patterns. They don't even truly exist. +

They are only projections of consciousness. +

Now that we see them, we have the option of becoming stronger than the psychic hooks. +

We have way more control than it appears.  +

And so our conditioning is taught to surrender to our divine will. +

We are learning how to surrender all habitual and immature forms of control for actual empowered TRUSTWORTHINESS. +

Holy control comes through us, but is not OURS to have. +

We are opening to the eternal Dao. This is no secret. +

And yet, the lived experience is the real magic... +

touching upon our infinitely powerful essence as men... +

the solar power of the universe experiencing itself. +

by Joshua Brandon Pánczér

Current Offer:

One Week Men's Intensive

Men’s Masterclass 3

A week long "live and In-Person" Initiation intensive experience for men.

Joshua comes to you, or you can come to him (in Utah or Hawaii).

Tuition: $2,222-22,222 (sliding scale based on your circumstances)

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