Enlightenment is highly misunderstood.

Many people believe that enlightened people are ‘perfect’. Far from it.

Enlightenment has nothing to do with trauma. An enlightened person who prematurely awakened can be quite unresolved in their emotional trauma. This phenomenon has lead to many abusive and co-dependent ‘spiritual masters’.

This is the enlightenment of the mind. It is a finite process. It is the merging of the mind with the energy moving through the body.

If the energy moving through the body has bot been sufficiently purified, it comes into even an enlightened mind with distortions intact.

The more important task is the enlightenment of the heart, which is the enlightenment of the body. This is an ongoing, infinite task, as every human is connected through collective trauma. Once the first human body is ‘fully enlightened’ there will be a mass ripple effect of humans spontaneously waking up throughout the world.

The chart below shows enlightenment of the mind, as the enlightenment of the heart cannot necessarily be accurately measured.