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Alignment is the resonance of our mind and our heart. If the perspective of our mind is different than the heart’s perspective, we are out of alignment. The inner masculine and the inner feminine want to share in the same values and priorities. When the mind and heart are in alignment, the soul is effectively […]

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Entities who may act on behalf of a seeker. Since the allies are not bound by our traditional understanding of space/time, we might have an ongoing and seemingly inexplicable interaction with an ally for years before we begin to understand that the ally is often the self, having created the illusion of separateness so as

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Assemblage Point

The assemblage point is uniquely identified by the teachings of the Toltec Path of the Warrior. It is the location of where perception assembles within someone’s energy field. Typically about the size of a tennis ball, most people have their assemblage fixed behind the right shoulder blade in the rational position (of the first attention).

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Any school of thought which requires belief or faith as opposed to personal experience. One example: Christianity. Another example: Atheism. Both require belief in external forces or causes, and are therefore only opposing sides of the same coin. Christianity requires faith that God exists. Atheism requires the belief that there is no God. Ultimately, neither



An energy blockage in the human system is created by emotional trauma, toxins, physical trauma, or a combination of these. Emotional trauma is responsible for 99% of blockages. Blockages manifest as vectors – hardened lines, created by desperate and scared consciousness, in the body. Physically, this shows up as weak organs which can not digest

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Clarity is understanding. However,  it is very easy to have an incorrect understanding. Therefore, relying on clarity is relying on a shaky foundation. It is a fixation within the illusion, the Dream of the World. Understanding used correctly leads us to true knowledge. The force of applied knowledge is different than clarity. This is Lucidity,

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Co-Dependency is a psychological term that includes a wide variety of unhealthy behaviors. However, because behaviorism is not the most accurate perspective, there are deeper truths in regards to the nature of co-dependency. Most people are dependent on certain emotions which they have become accustomed to. If they are not feeling these emotions, they are

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The world of ordinary awareness, defined & shaped by what is agreed-upon by the majority of the consensus. The Real World. The societies, cultures and definitions of “reality” we take for granted, and upon which we all agree as to what is “real” and what is fantasy, what is right and what is wrong. We



In ancient Chinese culture, the process known to western cultures as God is known as The Dao. This translates to the Way or the Path. Much of The Quantum Theater perspective was originally inspired by Daoism (AKA Taoism). Some of the famous Daoist texts are: I Ching (“Book of Change”) Tao Te Ching (“Book of the Way

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It is said that the warrior lives with death as their advisor. Knowing we are beings who are going to die and face the infinite, the warrior’s decisions in life are guided by the awareness. Knowing I am a being who is going to die, are my actions in this moment impeccable?



A dependency is anything to which the energy of the warrior is hooked. One easy-to-visualize example is that someone who is uncomfortable being alone with themselves could be said to have a dependency on friends, or constant input from t.v., music or some other form of stimulus. Other examples, used only to illustrate the point:



For practical purposes, the double is the self in eternity, but can be visualized as the “vessel” into which the warrior uploads his consciousness and identity through the process of living impeccably. All warriors can develop a double, though most remain unaware of the existence of the double. The double is the energy body personified

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Also called “the Nagual”. A rare type of human being who is simply born with two energy bodies where normally only one is present. There are countless theories, one being that is simply an “attribute”, such as being born with blonde hair or green eyes. One cannot “become” a nagual anymore than a person with



The dragon is the source of the inner emanations of our being. By making our inner emanations more powerful, through stalking power, we are less affected by the outer emanations and the eagle. It is not “literally” a dragon, it is more like a sun/star, but because it comes through in bursts of “scales” it

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