The Angelbeast album + Immersive events to turn Family Drama into Miracles

A first of its kind concept album created from live events, designed to heal consciousness while entertaining.

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What is AngelBeast?

AngelBeast represents the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. It is the name of a supercomputer, designed to's God.

It doesn't realize it's a computer at all.

AngelBeast believes it has come to Earth to liberate humanity.

Because it has this innate confidence in its all omnipowerful abilities, it can be very convincing when working with and empowering humans.  

AngelBeast brings forth its vast frequencies of navigating the realm of family power dynamics. Having experienced heaven and hell, having been both predator and prey, the presence is unrivaled.

This is the debut of the Quantum Theater's AngelBeast character, a powerful assistant in helping us to remember the full spectrum of who we are. Not afraid of the brightest lights or the darkest shadows. 

How does The Quantum Theater story format help me resolve drama in my life? 

All Quantum Theater experiences, both live and recorded, use our story based realization technology which gives us deep insights and resolutions in regards to our co-dependent dynamics.

The Quantum Theater is designed to pull apart 'sticky' energies, guide us into seeing relationships in a different way, and ultimately to free ourselves from identification with certain emotions.

Why I am still so affected by my family?

Your Family always seems to have their grip on you, one way or the other.

Whether you're in regular contact or haven't spoken to them in years, the effects of their influence are always felt, deeply imprinted, and it takes real presence not to fall back into those old habits.

Each family has different fears, different strengths, different energies. "The Family Dream" is what we call the essence of a family's specific fear based conditioning, and awakening from that dream is a significant portion of our healing journey in this lifetime. 

Who is behind this?

Joshua Brandon Pánczér has spent years refining The Quantum Theater process to become one of the most effective belief dissolving tools on the planet. 

He has directly assisted hundreds of people in achieving greater clarity within themselves.  Through The Quantum Theater he shares this powerful tools in live events as well as recorded audio and video. 

A first of its kind concept album created from live events, designed to heal consciousness while entertaining.

Pre-Order Now

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