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Use The DaoPlay Modality to help others (and yourself) to Release Self-Sabotage Conditioning + Unravel Toward Their Core Essence
Using the DaoPlay Role Playing Modality, each facilitator will develop their own style based on the nature of their own coping mechanisms.
  • Heal Relationships
  • Help People to Make More Money
  • Help People to Express More Freely
  • Help People to See More Clearly
  • Help People to Feel More Empowered
  • Help People to Make Better Decisions
Transform yourself out of lack consciousness and into unlimited creativity.

Victimhood? That's self-sabotage.
That’s based on Co-Dependency.
Scarcity issues? That's self-sabotage.
That's based on Co-Dependency.
Self-worth issues? That's self-sabotage.
That's based on Co-Dependency.
We live in a Co-Dependent society and so Unnatural Temptations have been normalized. Virtually every love song sings lyrics endorsing deeply unhealthy victim/savior dynamics. 

In this 7 week course, we'll use the DaoPlay Modality to Role Play as the characters within ourselves who are begging to be acknowledged, embodied, and accepted. And when it's just too much for us to embody ourselves, we can also experience the blocks in our nervous system being channeled and embodied by others .

"Each Transformation Requires Great Courage OR Great Playfulness"
- Joshua Falcon-Grey

Absolutely no Role Playing or acting experience is necessary, you will be very respectfully guided for your own pace. 
For many, the feeling when Role Playing may at first be interpreted as"inauthentic". This is simply the nervous system resisting the power which is your birthright.

"True Authenticity is Effective"
-Joshua Falcon-Grey

By the End of this 7 Week Journey...
You'll have a completely new understanding and perspective  on your personal presence, with self-sabotage virtually eliminated. The power stolen from your Co-Dependent dynamics will be re-integrated into your system. It will be impossible for you not to notice such patterns in in the future and you'll have powerful tools to dig further as needed.  These painful patterns will no longer be debilitating for you in the way they may have been in the past. Your new empowered lens will have the eye to spot co-dependent bullshit from a mile away at which point you can remain heart centered as you slice through it.
You and your TriSquad will create a recorded and edited Story/Performance which can be re-watched for a deeper and deeper transformational experience.
The stories of the 3 TriSquads will intersect at 3 points in the journey (beginning, Middle, and End)  in order to ground the experience by impacting others as your journey progresses.
If you wish to learn more about the format, here's a video about the Power of Immersive Theater
While this is a fun and interesting experience, it is also a serious journey of energy mastery - getting in touch with those aspects that self-sabotage: the co-dependent energies wanting to come to completion so your ever-powerful soul can reclaim your value system and presence . This is a tool to release various parts of your nervous system which are addicted to being saved, to abuse, and to gaining approval from others.
Your guide is Joshua Falcon-Grey

His keen ability to gently name and suggest directions for personal expansion provides a high degree of respect and safety in a container designed for extremely rapid growth.

We'll meet online weekly.

The Theatrical Experiences will take place with your small group on alternating even weeks for 2 hours (weeks 2, 4 , 6), and on alternating odd number weeks for 2 hours (weeks 1, 3, 5, 7) integration/ coaching calls with all 9 participants as well.
June 8-June 22

  • 3 Characters are developed per participants based on core woundings.
  • Scenes and Plots are Set
  • Online Interactions Platform is Introduced
  • Story Continues throughout the Week and Transformational Experiences occur weekly over video chat
  • All 3 Groups Intersect Stories for the First time During this Month

June 22-July 6
  • The Climax of the Experience welcomes in the core issues.
  • The Plot is Co-Created within the loose structure provided
  • Each Participants has access to a 1 on 1 session if needed
  • All 3 Groups Intersect Stories Again

July 6-July 20 
  • Internal and External Stories begin to come to an end
  • Any Last issues are brought to the Surface for Completion
  • Final Intentions are Set for Integrating back into the world 
  • All 3 Groups Intersect Stories for the Last Time
July 20-July 27
  • Ceremonial closing of the container
Ticketing for Trinity
The Quantum Theater Box Office

This Journey is Intentionally Priced accessibly to make this Transformational Theater Journey possible  at a fraction of the cost of a 1 on 1 Program

Early Bird (Before June 1st)
 $1111 Per Person or 3 payments of $400 
Regular Bird (After June 1st)
$1,222 Per Person or 3 payments of $444
  • Live Your Purpose
  • Align with Your Soul
  • Create Your Dream Life
  • Release Belief Systems
  • Befriend Your Heart
  • Journey with a Team
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