I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know Years ago, when I started my “journey”, I alienated a lot of friends. I became a zealot for personal transformation. An untapped aspect of myself became activated and I became absolutely fixated on transformation. I did not have the ability to talk about anything else. These days, I […]

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Over the years of cleansing and purifying myself of stagnant emotions, I have discovered an enormous well of anger inside of my organs.   If I hadn’t discovered this and began clearing it all out, I honestly believe I would be extremely sick by now. My organs would be shutting down from the sheer weight […]



Whether humans come from this background or that background, Whether they have this personality type or that personality type, Whether they are rich or poor, Whether they are popular or isolated, There is a singular powerful factor that consistently destroys lives and prevents people from truly moving forward. That factor is: DENIAL. This is present […]


Self Realization vs Enlightenment

There is a big difference between self-realization and enlightenment. Self Realization is sometimes also known as “enlightenment of the heart”. This is the resolving of trauma, the restoring of our deepest and truest self. This is the arena in which various states of bliss expand and deepen. Enlightenment, on the other hand, also known as […]

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Most People

Most people are not aware of their motives. Most arguments are fueled by unconscious motives. Most theories are created as weapons to dispel other theories. Most weaponized theories are fueled by unconscious motives. Most unconscious motives are fueled by pain. Most pain is fueled by a lack of being seen and met fully. Most theories […]

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That still silent voice

That still silent voice I’ve been seeking for years Is now busting down my door Stalking my fears “It’s high time for a leadership change” he says “Out with the old, it was deranged” The vicious certainty spewing up forth Never did I expect this from my true north shredding and clawing and damn ready […]

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The Fear of Drowning

I’ve said please once or twice, but it was only later that I discovered that thank you would have been more appropriate. The biggest change I have gone through has been to actually get what I want. To realize that all effort is over. Not that I will be motionless, but the motion moves me […]

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A Necessity called “Losing”

Children count down when they’re ready to race: “Ready, set, go!” Their interest is expansive. It’s fun to win! And it’s even fun to make a pouty face when you lose! Mass hypnosis tells us that losing is not fun. And that change is hard. Or that a learning opportunity is shameful. But how can […]

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The Well

“I know you. You think I don’t know you? I know you”, she said. I’d been waiting and waiting for decades. Winter, summer, winter, summer. It really seemed like it was never going to happen. I’d started to feel like a prostitute just waiting for my payment. I’d given up years ago on having any […]

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Home Coming

The coming days Will bring a face We have hardly known. Though foreign it may seem deeply its eyes my gleam it is in fact your own. A version of you so miraculous has long awaited, Dear. When you thought that things were bad it was actually your soul drawing near. The intensity you’ve felt […]

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Like a crab on the beach

Like a crab on the beach Hunting for food I am grabbing at you. The innocent simplicity of my grasping comes off as violent, unable to connect with the dancing flame of your true nature. You are not an insect, nor a stone, nor a piece of seaweed. The sweetness of your infinite spirit cannot […]

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The Dance

You seem to be following me, and I am also following you. We look at each other, sometimes through each other, and sometimes we cannot see each other at all. It’s a game of hide and seek, in which we have forgotten we have hidden. The game has become an onion skin layer over life […]

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