At one level of reality, we are living our lives, doing the human thing.

Trying, failing, attempting, intending, hurting, succeeding, trying again, failing again, seeking, wondering, worrying, winning.

At another level, we are watching, knowing, creating, purely existing.

When we can see and feel the different aspects of our being, we can get in touch with the essence of manifestation energy which creates what appears to be 'miracles' to the mind.

A miracle 'appears' to be magic. It appears to be unexplainable. But like anything else it is simply a pure science.

Arthur C. Clarke said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". This is more true than most people can comprehend, so we aim to create first hand experience of this reality.

Join us for a "full day" event from 11am-6pm at the beautiful Amsterdam Theater House.  From approximately 5pm-6pm we will be enjoying dinner (not included) at the restaurant below the Theater.

Connect [and make magic] with like-minded people.

We will co-create unique quantum story experiences, unraveling our hearts and minds along the way.

(We had a professional documentary filmmaker Hjalmar Ilmer create the video recording!)

About The Quantum Theater Facilitator, Joshua Falcon-Grey


A transformational filmmaker, comedian, writer, and interpersonal communication specialist from California, Joshua is adept at intuitively sculpting immersive theater stories based on the present moment energies of a space.

He believes in equality of 'student and teacher'. He is not interested in being an authority 'over' anyone, but rather simply an authority of his own experience. He consistently learns more about himself every time he takes on the role of facilitator.

His role-playing based "DaoPlay" modality has assisted hundreds of people in resolving trauma and thus experiences more miracles in their lives.

He enjoys creating content for FB live and The Quantum Theater YouTube channel and looks forward to more creative collaborations in the field of Transformational Entertainment.

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