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Transformational Theater: A Gateway to Your True Self.
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About 15% of transformational work is based around understanding how change occurs, how transformation works. What are the laws of our reality?

Based on this knowledge, we can spend the remainder of our time implementing it and being aware of the multitude of opportunities life offers us.

Learn everything you can from our Blog Writings, our YouTube Channel, our Courses, and Groups. Immersive yourself in a possibility for a a new reality and soon enough you will see possibilities everywhere you look.

Let's Hear Some Voices of Participants...

“I am particularly grateful for the way you orient the whole experience/message. I feel very dreamy and surreal. Some emotions came through, sadness, grief in the heart (that’s also been a thing this week) and cosmic quantifiable magic permeated the entire experience.”
“It was so relatable and I felt really comforted afterwards… like a sigh of relief.”

“Very illuminating. Grateful to you for connecting with me about some of these pieces as I’ve approached what feels like some cool breakthroughs here. 

So interesting, so much to potentially explore.

And I like the quality of fun and openness about it all as these other layers are able to resolve.

Which I guess points right towards that “authentic desire” piece. Not needing a way out of pain, not trying to get anything “right,” just curious and open and exploring interesting things.”

Set Your Story Free
Quantum Theater Based
Immersive Portals

Set Your Story Free: Portals are our weekly immersive story experience – join us for mind altering journeys into foreign perceptions. Resolve inner stories, with ease in a convenient format.

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